County of Ulster, NY


2023 Proposed Budget Analysis & Review


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The information provided throughout the Review is based on a detailed analysis of the County’s 2023 Proposed Budget.  Although the Budget provides useful budgetary and operational information for public understanding, CMA requested meetings with key County departments to gain a better understanding of its operations. Additional information was requested and promptly provided by County Officials.  We appreciate and commend the cooperation of the County Executive’s Staff and the staff members of the Legislature in providing both detailed budget data as well as assistance to understand the construction of the budget documents.

The findings and initiatives identified in the Review will assist the County to develop sustainable financial operations.  In addition, the shared services, efficiencies and technology strategies discussed throughout the Review will mitigate the effect of staffing reductions. 

Focused and coordinated implementation of the findings will ensure the County captures the opportunities detailed in this Review.  For implementation efforts to be successful, the following factors will be necessary:

    • Dedication to Achieving Results. The efforts need to be driven by quantifiable goals relating to cost savings, revenue generation, the efficient delivery of service and performance metrics.
    • Fiscal Transparency and Accountability. The departments should be held accountable for progress and results. 
    • Ability to Adapt. The County must be able to adapt accordingly in order to identify and circumvent potential obstacle.
    • Objectivity and Stakeholder Engagement. Proactive participation and communication amongst all relevant parties is key to success.
    • Sustained Support. A steadfast commitment that the implementation of findings cannot be derailed.

Despite the fiscal challenges that may be ahead as result of the economic conditions, the initiation of the Review alone denotes that steps are being taken to strategically plan for fiscal health of the County.  Nevertheless, we caution the County.

Success will be largely contingent upon a coordinated effort and collaboration between various interested parties.  Nevertheless, a sustainable budget in the near-term can be an achievable goal and the County may continue the process of becoming truly the best it can be during 2023.